Professional Services We Offer

  • YouTube Master Course

    MXN $55.00MXN $95.99
    At the end of this Google Analytics course, you will use Google Analytics as a powerful tool to monitor your business and identify growth opportunities.
    • Video Editing Tricks and Tips used by the Pros
    • Get Views without Subscribers
    • How the biggest Creators do it (In-Depth Analysis of 18 creators)
    • Real Tips & Behind-The-Scenes from famous Creators (MrBeast, Netflix Directors, etc.)
    • Post and Optimize your Video with great Titles, Descriptions, Tags, and Thumbnails
    • Improve your Channel by using Analytics
    • Make Money with your YouTube videos
    • Best Budget Video Camera Gear
    • Pro-Level Video Camera Gear
    • Audio Editing Tricks and Tips used by the Pros
    • Accessories to improve Videos
    • Understand how Cameras work and what Gear you need
  • Develop guides to explain to users how to solve a problem or help them understand a particular topic.
  • One of the most attractive content among the public because its value proposition is higher than other types of content.
  • To sell you always have to communicate. The most effective marketing tool is social networks and a clear business strategy, which will give you visible results. Our proven methodology to deliver results:
    • Planning the Strategy
    • Creation of the Content Plan
    • Content Design
    • Publication and Monitoring
    • Measurement of Results
  • Social Media

    MXN $1,356.00MXN $1,675.00
    We support your business building process through our digital tools so that your procurement becomes effective
    • Business scalability
    • Online presence improvement
    • Brand building and web positioning
    • 3 months workplan!
  • SEO Content

    MXN $2,699.00MXN $3,000.00
    Our campaigns are designed to position your business on search engines
    • Best 200 search results information
    • 5 competitors tags
    • 5 competitors ranking tracking
    • 10 results of your Google ads!
  • A more powerful tool than written words. You can use them even to reuse content in a more understandable format  
  • Reach your audience with audio pieces that can be downloaded online. A type of content with a different format; a digital audio that can combine voice, music and sound effects.
  • We will make your site accessible to Google bots, building robustness of presence, with optimization in tracking and indexing.
    • Ensuring proper content indexing
    • Checking header response code
    • Correction of server and front end errors
    • SEO-enabled URLs
    • Managing and correcting the link structure
    • Page depth level management
    • Creating a custom 404 page
    • Creating the XML sitemaps
    • Configuring temporary and permanent redirects
    • Optimization of internal links of web pages
    • Improving the loading speed of the website
  • Influencer Marketing

    MXN $3,699.00MXN $4,100.00
    Having someone recognized in the digital world who recommends your products is a plus and a guarantee to improve your business sales
    • Permanent consultant
    • RRSS advertising campaigns
    • Post creation
    • Daily publications
    • 2 months workplan!
  • Inbound Marketing Consulting

    MXN $4,790.00MXN $5,000.00
    We design an attractive strategy that best suits your business and target market
    • Content creation
    • photos
    • videos
    • competition analysis
    • analytics reports
    • monthly meetings
    • action plan optimization,
    • 2 months workplan!
  • Google Analytics for Beginners

    MXN $135.00MXN $180.00
    At the end of this Google Analytics course, you will use Google Analytics as a powerful tool to monitor your business and identify growth opportunities.
    • Create a Google Analytics Account
    • Install Tracking Code
    • Load Demo Data from a Real Online Store
    • Add Filters to Remove Internal Traffic
    • Analyze Real Time Reports
    • Analyze Audience Reports
    • Analyze Acquisition Reports
    • Analyze Behaviour Reports
    • Deep Dive Into Data with Dimensions & Segments
    • Track Marketing Campaigns with Campaign Tagging
    • Add Colleagues to Google Analytics
    • Configure Goal Tracking
    • Remove Spam Traffic
    • Set Up Custom Alerts
    • Master new features like Analytics Intelligence
  • Design Thinking

    MXN $195.50MXN $225.00
    We designed this class for people who have heard of design ideas but do not fully understand design ideas or working principles. If you want to start learning design thinking while working on real projects that can be added to your portfolio, then this is the course for you. Whether you are a business leader who wants to better understand company designers or a generalist who wants to solve problems in the same old way, this course is aimed at a wide range of professionals.
    • how to understand the problem from your customer's perspective;
    • how to effectively brainstorm innovative ideas;
    • and how to create prototypes to test your new ideas before investing a lot of time and money.
  • Business Fundamentals

    MXN $165.50MXN $210.00
    The course contains many real-life examples, which makes it more interesting and easy to understand. In addition, we have prepared a lot of supplementary resources for you: test questions, explanations, course notes, PDF files, etc.
    • Business Strategy
    • Management and Leadership
    • Marketing Strategy
  • Blog Writing and Content

    MXN $99.99MXN $289.00
    Reach your target audience with bald content to improve your SEO. Content that will give added value to your business.
  • Advertising on Social Networks

    MXN $1,499.00MXN $1,950.00
    Nowadays, making businesses requires a strong presence on social networks and we are the experts you need!
    • 16 publications monthly
    • 20 stories monthly
    • Interaction with customers
    • 1 monthly contest
    • Monthly reports
    • Choose 2 social networks
    • 2 months workplan!
  • Ad Words

    MXN $899.00MXN $1,200.00
    We make your advertisements meaningful, in which every penny you spend, will get you potential clients.
    • 10 campaigns ads
    • 3 retargeting campaigns
    • 3 conversion campaigns
    • keyword changes
    • Campaigns optimization monitoring
    • CRM
    • 2 months workplan.
  • 2021 New Google Ads

    MXN $160.99MXN $205.00
    Your customers are using Google every day to search for the products and services you offer, but because their AdWords campaigns are more optimized than yours, you are losing a competitive advantage. It doesn’t have to be that way. My complete AdWords crash course will show you the exact skills and techniques needed to win business and bring steady and substantial traffic to your website all day, 7 days a week. At a price much lower than the price of a dinner with your family, you will get more than 15 hours of video lectures, the ability to access our student discussion forums, and be able to ask me any questions during the course. Most importantly, you can get communication for a lifetime
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